Customizing your BF3 platoon emblem

Some geek(s) has found a way to overturn Battlelog's emblem editor with a nicely written script.

The script is compatible with a few browsers, but for my tests, I've used firefox. Before installing this lovely script, you need to install greasemonkey to your browser. It's a script manager for your browser. Then you can install the battlelog custom emblem script, and upload your image for your platoon. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Install the Greasemonkey add-on.
2. Install this script:
3. Click the green "Install" button at the top.
4. Sign in to Battlelog and go to your platoon.
5. Click the normal "Edit emblem" text.
6. Now click the "USE CUSTOM IMAGE" button at the top of the page.
7. Select the picture you want from your HDD.
8. Click "SAVE EMBLEM" in the popup window. (Don't use the normal SAVE EMBLEM button!)

That was easy right??? Here's an example:


DevilDogUSMC's picture

Thanks Frog, that was a lot of research just to change a pic on battlelog.  Did your girlfriend paint the picture?

FROG's picture

I don't think she has the rights to draw the hand of Godcheeky  That's an image I found on google for my test platoon, =RoC= Ressurection on Contact.


IkKeJr's picture

God? isnt that a jedi that is using the force? :D

JediJMB's picture


daakseed's picture

I tried to follow the steps you outlined and did not manage to get emblem to be changed. Either I did something wrong or DICE has changed the something. Can you try?


FROG's picture

Send me the logo you want to put on the platoon. I'll try from here. I might have been lucky last time. Who knows, maybe EA changed something.


Who yeah, it needs to be square... I think?

daakseed's picture

Did someone notice the changes in DOC platoon emblem? smileywink



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